Page from a  1967 Shell Fertilizer Calendar  illustrated by Lowell Herrero.

Page from a 1967 Shell Fertilizer Calendar illustrated by Lowell Herrero.

pe·cu·liar ☜

Hello. I’m a graphic designer, vintage dealer, and ephemera collector in Seattle whose favorite pastime is rummaging through used bookstores and second-hand shops for printed paper artifacts from the psychedelic era. I’ve decided to archive and share some of my favorite finds here. I hope they amuse and inspire you as much as they have me.

I have a particularly soft spot for Hallmark and American Greetings’ unique brands of psychedelia. These mod graphics have little to do with the underground movements they borrow from, but look beyond the smoothed edges and sugary sentiments and you’ll find some expertly executed (and wonderfully weird) examples of 1960s and ’70s graphic design, illustration and hand-lettering.

I’ll also be posting items from my growing collections of pop art packaging, trippy children’s books, groovy board games, gumball machine display cards, typography catalogs and more. I’ll be updating the site regularly so be sure to check back. Enjoy!

Note: Items in the galleries are not available to purchase. I will likely be listing duplicates and other pieces for sale in a store section someday. However, I’m always interested in purchasing or trading unusual paper goods from the 1960s and ’70s featuring the above-mentioned aesthetics. You can reach me using the contact button below.

Man·i·cule ☜

NOUN. 1. A symbol in the shape of a pointing hand, used in printing and graphics to draw attention to or indicate something. Origin: from Latin manicula, diminutive of manus or ‘little hand’. Visit the Peculiar Manicule’s Museum of Mod Manicules.